Definitions of Quintessence:  noun: the most typical example or representative of a type; noun: the purest and most concentrated essence of something;  noun: the fifth and highest element after air and earth and fire and water; was believed to be the substance composing all heavenly bodies. In modern physics, Quintessence is a hypothetical form of dark energy.

Shrif Blackstar
Shasharif Blkstar    NZAHBS Reg. 5132
  HU Shameena
 Hu Shameena NZAHBS Reg. 4547


Shasharif Blkstar ('Sharif') and Hu Shameena ('Shameena') are our foundation stock. Both were bred in the USA and imported into New Zealand.

Sharif was foaled in 1997. He is a heterozygous black stallion who also expresses the rabicano gene, the only roan gene found in purebred Arabians. In Sharif, this is expressed as silver in his axillae, lower flanks and at the base of his tail. He is just over 15 hh. Sharif has been tested and shown to be free of the SCID gene, so he cannot sire a SCID-affected foal. Sharif is an exceptionally quiet, friendly stallion who can be ridden bitless in mixed company. He has excellent conformation, action and temperament. He has been bred over mares of a wide variety of breeds and crosses, and consistently passes on his beauty, excellent conformation and good nature to his foals. 

Sharif's pedigree can be found at http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/shasharif+blkstar

Shameena was foaled in 2006 by the well-known breeders Hughes Arabians Inc., in Ohio. Shameena is homozygous black, and is 14.3 hh. Like Sharif she is exceptionally quiet, friendly and easily handled. We saddled and backed her for the first time, with no fuss or difficulty, when she was 6.5 years old. Like Sharif she is ridden bitless. We are very grateful to Fanus Crous of Rhodium Arabians for allowing us to buy this lovely mare as Sharif's 'child bride'. Shameena qualifies as a 'straight Egyptian' Arabian.

Shameena's pedigree can be found at http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hu+shameena

Our goal is to use these two foundation horses to establish and maintain a bloodline of Arabians with exceptional conformation, soundness and temperament. Our particular emphasis will be on producing black Arabians although we may expand our breeding program in future to include Arabians of other colours that meet our standards. Because Shameena is homozygous black, her foals with Sharif can only be black, but may be with or without the rabicano roaning that Sharif expresses.

Quality Arabian foals will be occasionally available for sale. In addition, Sharif is available at stud to a limited number of approved mares, by live cover only.

For more information please contact Rosalind Dalefield at rosalind@dalefield.com or by calling 027 543 6668.