Rosalind & Martin August 1990

Rosalind 1990 Latest  photo]

Rosalind & Agilis Photon

Rosalind on Agilis Photon

Rosalind, August 1989 at Badaling on the Great Wall of China

Rosalind 1989 Great Wall of China

Those were the days when the huts were made of wood and the men of steel, now the huts are made of steel and the men of ... yea yea yea...

Wes rock clinbing in 1974 [Latest  photo]

Taranaki 1991

5000' over Taranaki

Wes on the top of Ruapehu late 1970s

Wes on top of the North Island

Martin 2 January 1998

Martin 1998, Second Grade [Latest  photo]

Martin's Air New Zealand Jersey

Martin's favourite jersey!

Martin & Elroy April 1994

Martin & Roy, a common interest

Tara 3 January 1998

Tara 1998, Kindergarten [Latest photo]

Tara & Bess 1993


Halloween 1997

Halloween '97

Elroy March 1998

Roy 1998 [Latest photo]

Silverstream 1995

Silverstream '95
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NZFMM Easter Exhibition 1995

Young Roy with his Dad.
For more on Meccano / Erector click here

Gene 3 November 1997

Gene 1997 [Latest  photo]


Gene 11 November 1995

Rosalind & Gene 3 days after he was born


Wes & the boys April 1996

The Dalefield boys at play with their Meccano

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