Look what Gene found at Raurimu.

Our first purebred Arab foal born in the USA, Agilis Fiore.

Our first foal born in the USA

Arabian/Pony of the Americas cross Frosty Freckles

April 2004, Roy at Hillsboro

Roy welcoming the coming spring

October 2003, Gene about to lose his top front teeth.

The US Tooth Fairy gives me 4 quaters, when I remind Dad!

April 2003 Tara welcoming the new season.

Tara in her pink top that Mum knitted

December 2002, Gene celebrating Christmas at Hillsboro.

Now this is what I want, are you listening Dad!

August 2002, Martin a month after he turned 12.

Martin looking very serious

May 2002, Gene the day after he lost his first tooth!

Now for the Tooth Fairy!

Martin exploring the New Zealand bush, February 2002.

They call this bush!

Elroy with his Meccano Airship - Spirit of Meccano, January 2002.

Look what I got and made at Christmas!

Christmas 2001.

All good Christmasses have Meccano

Gene admiring a penguin staircase at the October Melbourne Meccano Club meeting.

Mmm... It moves!

Elroy wearing his ocean liner jersey knitted by his mother, April 2001.

See more details at Rosalind's Knitting

Gene feeding lambs on his Grandmother's farm, October 2000.

I liked this job!

Elroy in a jersey of New Zealand wool knitted by his mother, August 2000.

Elroy 29 July 2000

Halloween in Wales, October, 1999.

Tara & Martin with their Jack-o-lantern

Spirit of Adventure Locomotive, Wales May 1999.

Spirit Of Adventure Locomotive & children

The Dalefield children discover the Bluebells of Wales, May 1999.

Bluebells of Wales

Wamego Birthday Party Summer 1988.

Wamego, Kansas, Birthday Party

Tara with Ballerina.

Tara July 1998

Tara with blocks.

Tara with blocks at Child Development Center

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