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Wes Dalefield's Personal Meccano Erector Page

Wes Dalefield's personal Meccano Home Page which reflects his own construction projects. Cheesehead Bolt, part 37b
Part 37b
Bits & Pieces Cabinets & Chests for large Meccano Sets, Pre WWII Meccano Sets & Outfits, Post WWII Meccano Sets & Outfits, Meccano Motors, Greatest Meccano Models of the 20th Centaury, History of Meccano, Hornby Meccano cross over parts, Links, Miscellaneous Mechanisms, Märklin Metal, Spanner, Tips, Titan Block Setting Cranes, Where to buy Meccano. 3/8" Washer, part 38
Part 38
The Spanner Archive This is a truly international effort!  A group of spanners is compiling an Archive of past Meccano literature on the web.  It is still early days but eventually we hope to have every Meccano Magazine and other literature available. 
Part 25c
The Encyclopedia of Meccano Parts  EMP is the most comprehensive guide to the Meccano system available.  There are 6 volumes in A4 size paper which make a 4 inch high stack!  For every part the dates of each variant and colour are given.  Orders and errata details can be submitted from this site.  Collar, part 59
Part 59
Pauli's Meccano Page This site contains information and photographs of some of the models Pauli has built. Nut, part 37a
Part 37a

If you want to explore the Internet for Meccano, the best place to start is the Meccano Webring.