Giant Block Setting Crane

Cover 1948 Outfit No.3 Manual


The Giant Block Setting Crane, in various versions, was used on Meccano Manual covers from 1934 until 1957.

Cover: 1948 Outfit No. 3 Manual

In the May, June and July 1929 issues of Meccano Magazine, Meccano Limited published the plans for Super Model Number 4 (SML4). So began the history of what was described at the time as the "Largest Meccano Model". It has been exceeded in size many times since then but there was something about it, that captured the imagination of generations of Meccanomen. It has become one of the great models that many enthusiasts have or intend to build.

Super Model Leaflet No.4 - SML4

General view of the Block-setting Crane from page 1 Super Model Leaflet 4, also page 393 of the May 1929 Meccano Magazine.  The block, made of mahogany is shown in position on the Fidler's gear.

In 1991 I started building my own version of the model. I decided to build it mainly in 1978 Dark Blue. With this principal theme I used blue parts from any period, or Meccano subsidiary, to maintain this colour in the model. I finally finished the model in 1995 in time to display it at the New Zealand Federation of Meccano Modelers Easter Exhibition at Hagley Park in Christchurch.

Block-Setting Crane in Blue

Above: Easter 1995.  I have not broken this model down.  Every now and then I modify and improve it.

Right: Part 167c was originally part of the Geared Roller Bearing Part 167.   When introduced in 1928 it did not have a separate part number and was machined out of brass.  When reintroduced in 1970 it was given its current part number and is now sintered brass. Large Toothed Quadrant Pinion part 167cPart 167c

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