Fairground Models

Above: Giant Roundabout from the February 1964 Meccano Magazine.   A very simple and pleasing model to build.  However like many models described in the Meccano Magazine it requires modification to work effectively.  The drive to the rotating chairs needs to be modified so that there is a gradual reduction in speed.   The original model is under-geared.

Left: Super Model Leaflet 33 describes this model as a Single Flyboat.  You can also build a double flyboat with two contra-rotating wheels.   I added a set of 19 hole strips to link the arms together.  It is modeled in zinc, red and dark blue Meccano.

Below: A Rotating Base Ferris Wheel, based on a prototype that was assembled in Battersea Pleasure Park, London.  This model was adapted from the December, 1957 Meccano Magazine Model of the Month. 

2.5"x.5" Double Angle Strip part 48aPart 48a

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