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The images on this page are a subjective collection of images of various Meccano \ Erector models that I like.

Below is a model of the corvette HMS Campanula built by George Illingworth of Kenilworth, England and shown on spanner.

HMS Campanula

Ships make good models, the only problem is they don't move.  They do if you mount them on Tony Parmee's sea motion mechanism.  It has 3 simple harmonic motions and 58 minutes before the pattern repeats.

George's model of the corvette HMS Campanula is the most successful exhibition model he has ever built.  People stand mesmerized in front of it.  An ex-RN sailor spent half an hour with it because he said it was so like the real thing he had experienced all those years ago.

The main source of detail for the model was the book on HMCS Agassiz in the Anatomy of the Ship series.  This is packed full of photographs and detailed scale  drawings of corvettes.  There were many variations of detailed design and fit between various ships. Information on Campanula herself as she was in 1943 after the major modifications came from an actual photograph of the ship and one drawing.  The model is 1:72 scale which is the same as the Revell plastic kit though he did not use that source.

Bridge detail

Above: Bridge detail.


Above: The forecastle showing the 4 in gun, anchor windlass etc.

Engine Casing

Above: Here is the engine casing with the 2pdr AA gun, boiler room vents and liferafts.


Above: Here is the stern with all the depth charges.

Point of history:  The ship was adopted by the town of Kenilworth in 1941, and after she was scrapped the ship's bell was presented to the town, and now hangs in the council chamber.

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