Meccano Magazine Model Plans

These model plans have been reproduced from early Meccano Magazines.  Originals of these magazines are sold by Joel Perlin in the United States and MW Models in the United Kingdom.

If you are interested in a particular model displayed, click on the image which will link you with a copy of the plans.  These have to be large files to maintain the detail.

These pages are made for the benefit of all Meccanomen.   All I ask is that if you do build any of these models and are able to, would you please send me a photograph of the completed model and any comments you wish to make. Cheers, Wes Dalefield.

MM65icon.jpg (14951 bytes)

Meccano Magazine, November 1965, pages 38 & 39.  A walking robot which carries its power supply in a cart in front of it.   The plans use an Emebo motor.  One of the more modern and efficient Meccano electric motors could be used instead.

Meccano Magazine, January 1966, page 42.  A working Meccano Microscope of the Hanging Drop type.  You can either download a word 97 file zipped with PK Zip or click on the image and view a *.jpg image of the page.  MICROSCOPE.ZIP ( 761KB )

Link to Steeplechaser plans

Meccano Magazine, August 1968, pages 454 & 456.  A steeplechaser powered by a number 1 clockwork motor.

E020 DC "Cricket Ball" Electric MotorEO20 DC Electric Motor

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