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This list is run independently of the International Society of Meccanomen, and is subscribed to by Meccano enthusiasts worldwide. For an eclectic mix of topics and opinions, visit this webpage for information on subscribing. 


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The list is administered by Anthony Burkitt in Australia.

Here is the charter:

1) Discuss Meccano in its many forms.

2) Marklin and other constructional systems are Meccano compatible systems, and as such are reasonable subjects in the discussion of Meccano.  The primary focus of discussion should be Meccano itself, however.

3) Within the constraints of (1) and (2) any subject is acceptable, i.e. model building, history, part repair, possible new parts, reviews, questions, answers etc.

4) Bad language is not acceptable, not only because there may be children involved, but I don't like bad language.  Comments intended to provoke others in any negative fashion are also not acceptable, for similar reasons.

5) Listings of Sales, Wants and Swaps is OK if not commercial, including advice on where to find parts.

This charter will be enforced at the sole discretion of the administrator, so it is important that everyone participating agrees with it.  If you have any comments or ideas feel free to air them to the group.

One of the things that helps make a mailing list work is if we have some feel for what the other people on the list are like.  A way of doing this is to send a short autobiography to the list (if you haven't already done so).  So if you feel comfortable with the idea send us a short Meccano autobiography (meccanography?) - nothing personal, just about how/why you got hooked on Meccano, what you like to do with it etc.  The other thing that can help is including your town and
state/province/country along with your signature at the end of a submission.  Some people have privacy and security concerns with both of these ideas so if you do, don't feel obligated to do them.  You can happily remain truly "virtual".

The International Society of Meccanomen has an excellent world wide web site dedicated to all things Meccano.  To access this site visit this web page:

Another great web side to visit is the Meccano web ring which links together almost all other Meccano related web sites:

Messages sent to the list are automatically distributed to all members. Senders are asked to make certain that they want their postings to be seen by the whole list before sending them in.  Don't send private mail to the list, since this will be seen by all.

Responsibility for views expressed rests solely with the author of a message.  The adminstrator reserves the right to remove e-mail addresses that are causing list mailing problems eg: an address becomes obsolete.  Should you be changing address, please advise the administrator of the old and new address.  If you are going to be absent for a time and don't want to receive the Meccano mailing list, then you may wish to unsubscribe before you leave and re-subscribe when you return.

This email discussion group is not Public Domain.  The author of any posting retains copyright.  However, by posting a message to Spanner II, permission is granted to the International Society of Meccanomen (ISM), Meccano and Club magazines to reproduce messages.  Permission is also granted to individual members of Spanner II to reproduce messages on their own web sites.  This is a limited licence to publish.  All messages reproduced must be accompanied by an acknowledgement that clearly states the message was reproduced from the Spanner list, as well as the name of the author.  An example of a suitable acknowledgement is:

"John Doe (UK) wrote"
"Reproduced from Spanner with permission from John Doe."

Anyone can of course put at the end of his or her posting: "This message is not to be reproduced without permission of the author."  This would nullify the limited licence that they have agreed to.  Also, posting "Anyone may use this material in anyway they wish" gives a general release.  None of this protects any ideas you have; that would require a patent.  It only protects your text from unauthorised verbatim quote.  This saves people the trouble of contacting individual authors,
acknowledges the authors and has the advantage that if an author moves there is a good chance you will still be able to contact them. Complaints or suggestions arising from your use of this mail list can be addressed to the administrator.

Meccano is a registered trademark of Meccano SA, Avenue de Saint Exupiry, 62100 CALAIS-FRANCE.
This list is in no way associated with Meccano SA

I have no financial interest in this list.  I am not responsible for the content or use of this list.

Three other points:

1. Please make your posts in Plain Text, not HTML.  HTML is unnecessarily large and causes problems with the server.

2. To allow large attachments, messages can be just under 150K.

3. In summary please use Netiquette.

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