Microelectronic Component Fabrication Facility

Below is a model of a FAB that was constructed for Lindsay Leveen of SLS Partners, Inc.  The innovative design principle is that the FAB is incrementally scalable.  Just as modern airports need to have flexibility to expand without shutting down existing operations, so do FABs.  The hub and spoke layout also saves on construction cost, due to much simpler structural systems and optimization of the distribution of critical process support systems.  Catastrophic losses in fires are minimized due to building separation and the safety of operators is enhanced by fast egress without the need for a labyrinth of corridors.

FAB Factory

A new idea modeled in a miniature engineering system devised at the turn of the last Century.

Frank Hornby's first patent for Mechanics Made Easy was accepted on 30th November 1901.  The name was latter changed to Meccano.  It is retailed in the US under the trade name Erector.

The model colors highlight the three main areas of the factory:
  1. The central octagonal hub uses dark blue and red Meccano.  The roof and floors are not completed so you can look into the model
  2. The spokes are modeled in blue Meccano.  The module on the bottom right, which represents the "Implant" hub, is the only section to have its roof and two of two of its walls fully plated in.
  3. The red and green area of the model represents the "Ship, receive, test and sort" section of the factory.
Each FAB production operation (Etch, Thin Films, Litho, Diffusion, Implant, and CMP are housed in their respective spoke and services that are needed for these operations need only be provided.  Construction of the FAB can easily be phased with the use of pre-engineered building systems (Butler type building), this certainly will shorten the construction schedule.  Tool installation is simplified as the tools are placed through demountable walls directly into position on the production floor.  The design also optimizes factory automation and production sequencing thereby, minimizing the amount of WIP needed.  This is truly a quantum leap in FAB design and will help microelectronic component manufacturers improve their project economics, as they can now invest at a pace that matches their sales ramp up.

Triangular Flexible Plate part 221

Part 221

About Lindsay Leveen:   Prior to forming SLS Partners, Lindsay was a senior project manager for the leading FAB design firm and project managed numerous jobs for the global leader for microprocessors.

Lindsay Leveen may be contacted at:

email: lleveen@aol.com

Double Bent Strip part 45Part 45

This factory design is patented, for further details visit the US Patent Office web site www.uspto.gov and search with the patent number 5,795,356 .

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