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Now we know what TVH stands for

Introducing  the TVH™ or "watching a 24 inch tube type TV for an hour" as the global standard.  There are over 1.5 billion TVs on earth, and for at least the next decade the tube TV will be the most common type of TV.  People from New York or Tokyo as well as India or Brazil comprehend the use of energy in powering their TV.  The TVH™ helps explain just how much energy is used to power a modern lifestyle.

1 gallon of gasoline

 =               320      TVH

1 kilowatt-hour

 =                 10      TVH

1 aluminum can recycled

 =                   3      TVH

12 ounce can of coke (contents)

 =                   1.75 TVH

100 watt light bulb running for an hour 

 =                   1      TVH

1 Grande Coffees at Starbucks

 =                   0.56 TVH

LCD TV running for an hour

 =                   0.3   TVH

Plasma TV running for an hour

 =                   5.0   TVH

2000 calorie diet

 =                 23.25 TVH

Hydrogen used in each space shuttle launch

 =   40,793,025      TVH

Watching TV all day

 =   Worthless

The TVH™ helps explain just how much energy is used to power a modern lifestyle.  A look at the energy used in everyday activities show that most activities pale in comparison to the energy that a personal vehicle uses.  Look at the applications on a daily basis and yearly basis below.

Application of the TVH™ on a daily basis 

Application of the TVH™ on a yearly basis 

Energy Costs in TVH™ 

This is a unit for comparison in place of: ergs, joules,  BTUs, kilowatt hours, calories, food calories, watt hours, pound force feet, giga joules, kilogram force meters, kilo joules, therms, horse-power hours, mega joules, and the often used foot poundal.

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