Junior Meccano Train

This train was built by my wife partly from instructions in a couple of the junior set manuals and partly by herself.

The friction motor is capable of providing sufficient power to move this model. However, be careful as I heard an rather ominous click come from it during one of the windups. Luckily, the motor seems to have survived the ordeal without damage. Using multiple motors to power the model is an alternative worth considering.

Here is a view of the entire train linked together.

Whole train from the front

A rear view of the entire train linked together.

Whole train from the back

Side view of the engine. The motor drives the rear wheels of this one and it is almost completely hidden by the train body.

Engine from side

The middle two side dumping cars are shown linked together. These two cars are almost the same. The only significant difference being in the construction of the forward (right) linkages. One is to the engine and the other joins the two cars together.

Middle two cars from side

Finally, a side view of the final carrage.

Last car from side

Parts used in the construction of the train:

Part Qty Description Part Qty Description
J2 7 Flat Strip 2 holes J121 6 Double Cube
J4 6 Flat Strip 4 holes J122 7 Square Block
J5 2 Flat Strip 5 holes J221 1 Double Quarter Block
J6 6 Flat Strip 6 holes J263 2 Large Curved Block
J51B 68 Bolt J316 9 Axle Rod 6.25"
J51N 71 Nut J531 2 Short Double Bracket
J53 25 Washer J532 1 Long Double Bracket
J54B 4 Pivot Bolt J562 5 Flanged Double Bracket
J55 20 Spacer J622 8 Short Corner
J56 15 Locking Pin J711 5 Right Angle Bracket
J57 20 Locking Clip/Pulley J822 2 Plate
J75 16 Wheel and Tyre J922 2 Triangle
J76 1 Large Pulley 1 Recoil Motor
J80 1 Tool Buddy 2 Dog Clutch for Motor
J111 1 Cube

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