Pauli's Meccano Models

These are just a selection of the models I've built. In most cases there is extra information and some extra pictures available.

Robot Arm The first is a simple robotic arm I built. It has five degrees of freedom and it was quite capable of picking up small objects and moving them around. There are more pictures available.
Dockyard Crane The Electric Dockyard Crane from the July and Cotober 1978 issues of Meccano Magazine. I've got some further details and extra pictures available including a full parts listing.
Windmill This one is a windmill that was appeared as constructorproject 59 in issue number 63 of The Meccanoman's Newsmag (the July 1992 issue) Meccanoman's Journal. My wife liked the look of it, so I built it. Some more information is available.
Small truck A small model truck from the manual of one of the recent sets. I'll fill in the details of which set when I bother to check the manuals out. I don't have any extra information about this model. This does prove that I do sometimes tackle small things rather than always jumping in at the deep end.
Ten Set Blocksetting Crane This model is the number 10 set leaflet number 7 model of a block setting crane (model 10.7). Again, I've got some more information available about this model.
Vertical Log Saw As described in the pre-war super model leaflet, this model is of a Vertical Log Saw. As usual, there is some extra inofmation available which includes more pictures and a parts listing.
Pecking Bird This is a very simple model of a bird that pecks its way down a vertical axle. Naturally, more pictures and information are available.
Junior Windmill Here is another windmill, this time built mostly from Junior (plastic) Meccano. I have provided a short description which includes a parts list and some additional photographs.
Junior Train This one is a model of a train built only using Junior Meccano. A short description with full parts list is available with extra pictures.

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