Super Model 23: Vertical Log Saw

This log saw is built to the plans in super model leaflet 23. There is another log saw super model leaflet (number 10), naturally this model is not the same as that one!

This model is very easy to construct and it runs well; especially after a minute amount of oil is applied to the sliding parts (saw frame & the two support axles and the pair of worm gears). The model was constructed in less than one evening (with lots of interruptions).

When the drive pulley is rotated, either by hand or by some form of motor, the saw blades (rack strips) oscillate up and down and two of the wood feed rollers (pairs of flanged wheels) rotate forcing the timber onto the cutting blades and carrying the cut planks away.

I had to modify the model by replacing the 25 tooth pinions with 38 tooth gears on the drive to the rollers. I could not get the pinions to even come close to meshing with the worm gears. The larger gears fit well once the axle supports are jiggled a little.

First off, is an overall picture of the saw from the front side. The blue pulley at the back left corner is where power is applied.

Front view

Next, is a view from the opposite side to the previous one. The worm drives to the rollers are easily visible and the drive to the saw blades can also be seen.

Back view

Finally, is a view from below the saw, showing the mechanism quite well.

View from below

Parts Required

This table contains a listing of the parts I needed to build the model. The parts listing in the original super model leaflet, while mostly accurate, is somewhat flawed in places.

Part Qty Description Part Qty Description
2 2 Perforated Strip 11 hole 31 2 Gear 38 teeth
2a 2 Perforated Strip 9 hole 32 2 Worm Gear
3 2 Perforated Strip 7 hole 37a 61 Square Nut
6 1 Perforated Strip 4 hole 37b 61 Bolt
8 4 Angle Girder 25 hole 37c 8 Hexagonal Nut
8a 2 Angle Girder 19 hole 38 1 Washer
12 8 Angle Bracket 1x1 hole 48b 4 Double Angle Strip 7x1 hole
12a 2 Angle Bracket 2x2 hole 53 2 Flanged Plate 7x5x1 hole
13 1 Axle 290mm 59 12 Collar
13a 2 Axle 200mm 72 2 Flat Plate 5x5 hole
15a 5 Axle 115mm 77 10 Triangular Plate 2x2 hole
16 2 Axle 90mm 94 1 Sprocket Chain (290mm)
20 8 Flanged Wheel 28mm diameter 96 2 Sprocket 18 teeth
20a 1 Pulley 50mm diameter 108 2 Corner Gusset
24 2 Bush Wheel 8 hole 110 2 Rack Strip 7 hole
26 1 Pinion 19 teeth 115 2 Threaded Pin 15mm
27a 1 Gear 57 teeth 147b 2 Slotted Pivot Bolt 16mm
30 2 Bevel Gear 26 teeth

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