Meccano Windmill

The post windmill comes from constructorproject 59 which appeared in issue number 63 of The Meccanoman's Newsmag (July 1992). The project was written by Mike Cotterill. I've got another much less complex windmill built from Junior (plastic) Meccano.

The sails on the windmill rotate (as expected) and the windmill itself sways gently side to side thanks to a hidden eccentric in the base.

Front View of the Windmill

Sorry, but this is the only picture I've scanned in of this model at present.

My major modifications to the model are to change the gearing so that I could use a Meccano MR motor and to remove the electric lighting on the sails. I made these changes because I no longer own a PDU and I don't have much in the way of Meccano lighting.

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