Hydrogen Hope or Hype?

Facts are the air of scientists.  Without them you can never fly. Linus Pauling 1901 1994


The catalyst for writing this book is the need for the public and professionals to have a ready reference of the facts and science of hydrogen, greenhouse gases, petroleum fuels, and electric power.  There is significant public debate about these subjects.  There are numerous opinions on hydrogen as a future fuel.  However, many of these opinions are supported by neither science nor fact.  This book provides the reader with a primer on hydrogen, energy, and sustainability.  Hydrogen is simply not an inexhaustible and free energy source, as some would wish.  However, it is a versatile chemical, and energy carrier that will have growing application in the future of the energy and chemical industries

In writing a book about hydrogen and the hope it provides for the future, one has to address precisely what issues we are trying to solve?  If the issue is the reliance on oil imported from a hostile and unstable region of the world, this is an issue that is very different from the problem of possible global warming, caused by greenhouse gases.  The book discusses more than fifty major issues that should be at the root of the energy and sustainability debate.  Technological innovation as well as governmental energy, and environmental policies will dictate the adoption of hydrogen as part of our energy mix

Hydrogen Hope or Hype? is meant to stimulate debate on the subjects of hydrogen, energy, development, and sustainability.

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